About EasyTomato

EasyTomato was born out of the experiences of Relief Labs team members in post-earthquake Haiti. We saw firsthand how excessive, uncontrolled use of low-bandwidth connections impeded vital operations at disaster relief sites and hospitals.

EasyTomato provides a simple, low-cost solution to this problem. Using a drag-and-drop interface, network managers can quickly set up internet access rules to govern bandwidth consumption at specific times of day. EasyTomato is easy for anyone set up and use, requires virtually no training, and comes with extensive  documentation written for the nonspecialist user.

Easy Tomato was built off of a Toastman build of TomatoUSB, which is in turn a modified version of Jonathan Zarate’s excellent OpenSource Tomato firmware.  Relief Labs has worked to make this powerful firmware accessible to everyone.


About Relief Labs

Relief Labs International is a nonprofit consulting and technology group that develops solutions to increase the efficiency of disaster relief and nonprofit organizations.


Special Thanks

Relief labs gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following people:

  • Mr. Jonathan Zarate, the team at TomatoUSB, Toastman, and all of the Tomato community for their excellent work.
  • Our development team and volunteers, who brought this project to life.
  • The people who write and maintain the DD-WRT wiki, for providing much excellent information on networking topics.