AIDF Conference

Last week we went to The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) conference in D.C.  We had an unreleased version of EasyTomato running on a router with us and were able to show a couple of potential users.  We talked with representatives from a number of organizations including Teachers Without Borders, World Vision, The American Red […]

This is an idea of what the groups screen will look like

New EasyTomato Prototype

EasyTomato keeps moving forward.  We’ve got a couple exciting things going on now. First we have a new volunteer who is helping us write the documentation for the project.  She has over 25 years of experience writing technical documentation (though EasyTomato isn’t very technical).  The documentation, both written and videos, are an important part of this project […]

D-link access control

Firmware Comparisons

  We are excited for the EasyTomato project and think it will have a big impact on Internet connections around the world.  As firmware isn’t something most people regularly think about, we wanted to show a few screen shots of what current router firmware interfaces look like.  These are screenshots taken from the user interfaces popular routers. […]


EasyTomato Update #2

So Colin, Marco, and I had our second meeting (Dan joined us on the phone briefly).  We finalized 95% the wireframes and budgeted out our time.  If all goes according to plan, we should have beta up and running in under two months. While Dan and Marco are shooting emails back and fourth discussing what things like <% nvram2(“wl_channel”); %> should […]

EasyTomato Update

EasyTomato Update

Our EasyTomato  project is moving along nicely.  All of the features we were hoping to have are incorporated and fully functioning.  Now it’s a matter of making a really nice and simple to use interface to put on top of that. Features we now have up and working: One click pornography blocking (special thanks to […]