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EasyTomato Usage Map

Project Status

Hi Everyone, It’s been far too long since our last post and we’ve received a number of emails asking about the current status of EasyTomato, so we wanted to write to update everyone. EasyTomato is in hibernation, but not abandoned. The website will stay up and we’ll to reply to any emails we get, but […]


ET 0.7.7 Time

Been few weeks so here is EasyTomato 0.7.7.  We’ve fixed the Advanced Tomato QoS bug and now all of the EasyTomato Settings page works.  When upgrading don’t forget to click “After flashing, erase all data in NVRAM memory”!!  Seriously, do it.  We have an upgrade guide if that’s helpful. This is a solid upgrade, but […]

EasyTomat 076 Update

EasyTomato 0.7.6 Released

Adding 0.0.1 to our last release number doesn’t sound like much of a change, but actually it is.  No big new features, but it’s a strong step towards a more polished stable EasyTomato.  Changes are below. Changes Updated EasyTomato to Toastman’s 1.28.7500.4 release.  This has made EasyTomato as a whole more stable and responsive. Made Unassigned Devices look more […]


Looking towards 0.8

EasyTomato 0.8 is still a ways off (about a month), but we wanted to give an update of what we are working on.  The main addition is the “computers screen.”  This will give a breakdown of the total bandwidth used (both uploading and downloading) as well as bandwidth consumption per computer.  This is important to identify “bandwidth hogs” […]

EasyTomato Rules Browser Shot

EasyTomato 0.6 Beta Released!

We are really excited to be releasing our first Beta, EasyTomato 0.6. Months of hard work and dedication from everyone on the EasyTomato and Relief Labs teams (and a LOT of friends) has made this day possible, and we are all thrilled to finally share EasyTomato with you! We wanted to give you an overview […]

Beta Release

Beta Release This Week

The time has almost come… for our first beta release! Work on EasyTomato has been in high gear since our last blog post, and we have some exciting news… We will have our beta release complete and useable before the end of the week.  The front end EasyTomato bandwidth graphing by IP address will not […]