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EasyTomato Usage Map

Project Status

Hi Everyone, It’s been far too long since our last post and we’ve received a number of emails asking about the current status of EasyTomato, so we wanted to write to update everyone. EasyTomato is in hibernation, but not abandoned. The website will stay up and we’ll to reply to any emails we get, but […]



Hi all, We’re launching a new website today called GrowEasyTomato to highlight some of the EasyTomato installs out there and how they’ve helped their users. It’s a bit like Facebook, only rather than your aunt posting pictures of her cat, Mr. Jingles, it shows a few pictures of the install site, where it’s located, a brief […]


Hello From Rwanda and ID Hack 2013!

Hello from Rwanda! Two of us are over here helping Partners in Health install EasyTomato in some of their facilities here. We’ve also done an install for the Clinton Foundation, a school with a Peace Corps volunteer, and have Save the Children and CHF International both very interested in ET routers, but unfortunately, we’re out […]


Happy New Year From ET

Happy New Year to all! We’ve been a bit quiet here at EasyTomato, but fear not, things are rolling. Growing User Base We’re growing in the Tomato community and while this is great, we’re thrilled that we’re starting to get some larger nonprofits using EasyTomato (since that was the whole point of this project).  We’ve had […]

AlexF HTML5 Interface

Version 0.7.5 Released

Version 0.7.5 Info So the EasyTomato 0.7.5 Beta is out.  While the EasyTomato interface doesn’t have too many changes, the AdvancedTomato interface sure does! Our AdvancedTomato interface is now AlexF’s HTML5 Bootstrap version of  the Tomato interface!  It’s pretty, it’s responsive, and it plays nice with smartphones and tablets too.  Check out these pretty pictures Also in […]

Support EasyTomato1

Shopping on Amazon helps Grow EasyTomato

Buying books for back-to-school? Shopping for the Asus RT-N16 router to install EasyTomato?  If you or your friends are planning to buy anything this fall – electronics, clothes, school supplies, anything – using our dedicated link on will support EasyTomato! At no extra cost to you, a portion of your purchase (6%+) will go […]


Looking towards 0.8

EasyTomato 0.8 is still a ways off (about a month), but we wanted to give an update of what we are working on.  The main addition is the “computers screen.”  This will give a breakdown of the total bandwidth used (both uploading and downloading) as well as bandwidth consumption per computer.  This is important to identify “bandwidth hogs” […]

Beta Release

Beta Release This Week

The time has almost come… for our first beta release! Work on EasyTomato has been in high gear since our last blog post, and we have some exciting news… We will have our beta release complete and useable before the end of the week.  The front end EasyTomato bandwidth graphing by IP address will not […]