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EasyTomato 0.8.1 Released

Hullo all, We’ve just put a new version of EasyTomato on the download page.  This is a minor upgrade with a few bug fixes, new newer libraries, and a newer version of Toastman’s Tomato.  If you’re already happily running EasyTomato version 0.8, there is likely no need to upgrade to 0.8.1. If you’ve yet to […]

Bandwidth Graphing

EasyTomato 0.8 Released!

We’re really happy to announce the release of EasyTomato 0.8!!  This is a major release of EasyTomato with a number of new features.  A lot of work went into this so I’d like to thank all of the developers who spent their after hours time on both EasyTomato and the core Tomato firmware.  We know […]

EasyTomato Release 0.8 Candidate 2

We’ve shipped EasyTomato’s 0.8 Release Candidate 2 off to the SEALs for the next round of testing!  They did some great hunting last time and found a couple of bugs in the blocking rules  that needed to be fixed before ET 0.8 hits the website.  These should be all fixed up now and we’ve also […]


ET 0.7.7 Time

Been few weeks so here is EasyTomato 0.7.7.  We’ve fixed the Advanced Tomato QoS bug and now all of the EasyTomato Settings page works.  When upgrading don’t forget to click “After flashing, erase all data in NVRAM memory”!!  Seriously, do it.  We have an upgrade guide if that’s helpful. This is a solid upgrade, but […]

EasyTomat 076 Update

EasyTomato 0.7.6 Released

Adding 0.0.1 to our last release number doesn’t sound like much of a change, but actually it is.  No big new features, but it’s a strong step towards a more polished stable EasyTomato.  Changes are below. Changes Updated EasyTomato to Toastman’s 1.28.7500.4 release.  This has made EasyTomato as a whole more stable and responsive. Made Unassigned Devices look more […]

AlexF HTML5 Interface

Version 0.7.5 Released

Version 0.7.5 Info So the EasyTomato 0.7.5 Beta is out.  While the EasyTomato interface doesn’t have too many changes, the AdvancedTomato interface sure does! Our AdvancedTomato interface is now AlexF’s HTML5 Bootstrap version of  the Tomato interface!  It’s pretty, it’s responsive, and it plays nice with smartphones and tablets too.  Check out these pretty pictures Also in […]

EasyTomato Rules Browser Shot

EasyTomato 0.6 Beta Released!

We are really excited to be releasing our first Beta, EasyTomato 0.6. Months of hard work and dedication from everyone on the EasyTomato and Relief Labs teams (and a LOT of friends) has made this day possible, and we are all thrilled to finally share EasyTomato with you! We wanted to give you an overview […]