0.8 Release Candidate Shipped [Updated]

Things have been so quiet around here that we’ve even been getting emails asking whats going on.   We’ve all been pretty busy, but fear not, the new 0.8 Release Candidate is going out to our SEAL Team testers today.  We’ll give them about a week to hunt for any show-stopping bugs, then the new version is hitting the website.

We’ve got a number of great new additions, but the main ones are new bandwidth graphing, HTTPS website blocking (sites like facebook and twitter), and ad blocking.

Check back for more soon!

[Update May-29th]

One of our SEALs found a bug that breaks some blocking rules if you make any rule that blocks all access.  This has to get fixed before 0.8 goes public and there have been weddings and stuff in the last few weeks that have been keeping us busy.  We’re getting to it now.

More to come and thanks for being patient!

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