Block a Device or Group from the Internet

Last modified: October 7, 2013

Sometimes you might want to completely block internet access to a device or group of devices on your network.  EasyTomato makes this simple to do, even letting you block them for certain hours per day or days of the week.

For example, you might need to block a specific device from the internet if its user won’t stop hogging bandwidth despite repeated requests to stop.  Maybe you want to block internet access for the entire Unassigned Devices group during work hours, if you need to stop frequent and unauthorized bandwidth consumption by network guests.  If you”re a home user you could even turn off the kids iPads at 9:00 pm while keeping your laptop’s internet zipping along.

How do you block internet access for a single device?

Create a group and drag the device or devices into it, then click Apply.  Click Edit Rules for that group and then New Rule.

Block Website Make Groups

In the rule dialog, name the rule, select when you want it to apply, and select Block All Internet Access.

Block Website Make Rules

What gets blocked?

The Block Internet Access rule does two things:

  • Stops websites from loading
  • Prevents programs on blocked devices from downloading or uploading information over the internet
NOTE This blocks useful actions such as security updates, anti-virus updates, and upgrade notifications as well as access to nuisance websites.

Blocking the internet doesn’t kick devices off of your network

The Block Internet Access rule is not a network security feature. It won’t keep a device or group off of your network, only off of the internet!  Devices that are subject to this rule will still have access to shared resources, such as network drives and printers.

If you’re looking for different levels of access contorl, check out the pages on How to Block Adult Content and Pornography or How to Block a Website