Block Adult Content

Last modified: December 16, 2013

Site-wide blocking of pornography or other adult content can be accomplished with a single mouse click.  Just login to you EasyTomato router and select the universal blocking rule checkbox called Block Adult Content, you’re done.  Yes, it’s that easy!

This rule is available on the Groups screen.  Now all devices on the network are blocked from adult content websites. (Note: It is not possible to block adult content for only one group of computers.)

If you want more control over the access control, check out our other guides: How to Block a Website or How to Block a Device From the Internet.


Block Adult Content and Pornography with EasyTomato

How the Block Adult Content rule works

EasyTomato uses FamilyShield, an OpenDNS free parental control product, to block adult content.  When you enable the Block Adult Content rule, your router sends all website requests to an OpenDNS server.  If the site requested is on the FamilyShield blacklist, the server will block the site, and the requesting device will receive a “This site blocked” page instead.

What the rule blocks

It blocks all sites listed on the OpenDNS FamilyShield filter list, which is updated multiple times a day.  This should cover almost all known pornography websites in the world.  Not only does FamilyShield block adult content, but it also blocks fraud, phishing, and identity theft websites.