Block Online Ads

Last modified: April 6, 2012

You can blocking online ads with a single click.  EasyTomato can block banner ads, ads before videos, ads overlaid on YouTube, and more.

Why would someone want to block online advertisements?

Beyond the fact that ads can be annoying, they can consume a considerable amount of bandwidth (10% or more).  This makes pages load slower to load and adds to your expenses if you rely on satellite connections that charge per megabyte.

How to block ads in EasyTomato

Simply navigate to the Groups page and select the universal blocking rule called Block Advertisements. That’s it!  Now ads will be blocked on all devices on your network.  (Note: It takes about five minutes for the Block Advertisements rule to take effect. But if you de-select the rule, the block is immediately removed.)


Disadvantages of blocking ads

One of the problems with ad blocking is that you are not given a choice of which ads to block.  This means that you won’t be able to load some pages because they have been tagged as ads by the blacklist that EasyTomato uses.  The only way to solve this problem is to disable the Block Advertisements rule.

Other ways to block ads

Adblock Plus (, a plugin for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, is highly effective.  It has the added advantage that it makes the page look like there was never an ad there in the first place!  The disadvantage is that you have to install it on every device you want to block ads for.