How to Block a Website

Last modified: October 7, 2013

Blocking a website or websites for a single user or group of users can be accomplished with a few quick clicks in EasyTomato.

Perhaps you want to enforce study hours, don’t want student computers accessing Facebook during class hours, or maybe to save bandwidth you want to block YouTube during work hours.  EasyTomato makes this quick and, er… easy to setup blocking rules that only affect specific devices and at specific times.

So how do you block websites?

1. Create a group and drag the device or devices you want to apply blocking rules to into the group, then click Apply.


Block Website Make Groups


2. Click on the Edit Rules button for the group.  Then click the New Rule button.  Simply put in a rule name , when you want it to apply, and then list the websites or keywords you want blocked (one per line).

Block Website Make Rules

3. No, that’s it.  Just the two steps.  After you click Save, any devices in that Group will have all of the rules you create apply.You can create as many rules per group as you want.

Block Website Show Rules

If you need different levels of access control see the pages How to Block Adult Content and Pornography as well as How to Block a Device from the Internet