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Hi Everyone,

It’s been far too long since our last post and we’ve received a number of emails asking about the current status of EasyTomato, so we wanted to write to update everyone. EasyTomato is in hibernation, but not abandoned. The website will stay up and we’ll to reply to any emails we get, but active code development has stopped.

While there are always more features that could be added, finishing version .8 means we met all of the goals we set out to accomplish and felt it was a good stopping point for us as we pursue other projects.

We had a great time building EasyTomato and are proud of the number of locations around the world it ended up.   We tried to answer a few common questions below, but if you’ve got another question or a comment, drop us a line! We’re always happy to hear from you.

Happy Routing,
The EasyTomato Team

Is the current release stable? Yes. Thousands of routers exist out there happily running EasyTomato. Our .8 release would be turned into our 1.0 release with a few minor bug fixes, were we still actively developing the project.

The one known issue with .8 is it is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Though, unless you’re using OpenVPN, this shouldn’t be a big security concern. Heartbleed has been patched in Github, if you’d like to make your own EasyTomato build (we even have a nice instructions how!).

Support. We’ll keep replying to email or questions as we have time. We’ve never been able to give very advanced tech support (try asking that on the LinksysInfo forum), but if you have a general question, we’d be happy to answer!

Future of Routers. Yes there are newer, harder, better, faster, stronger routers out there (especially ones that broadcast on the 5ghz band), but the Asus RT-N16 is still available, so at this point we’re not working to move EasyTomato over to a new router.   One of the reasons EasyTomato was possible for us was that we only supported one router. It made our lives so much easier and the end product more reliable and far better documented.

Once the RT-N16 is discontinued, we might revisit this. If you test EasyTomato on another router and get it working, we’d love to hear about it and can post something to let everyone know. (Be careful if do this!)

I want to work on EasyTomato or make a fork. Awesome! We’d love to help you. All of the code is hosted publicly on GitHub. Shoot us an email and we’re happy to give whatever help we can.

Current user base. The EasyTomato website gets about 5,000 unique visitors and 350 downloads a month. This has been very constant since .8 was released. EasyTomato has grown internationally as well. Here is a map showing the last 1000 visitors on the website.


EasyTomato Usage Map


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