Happy New Year From ET

Happy New Year to all! We’ve been a bit quiet here at EasyTomato, but fear not, things are rolling.

Growing User Base

We’re growing in the Tomato community and while this is great, we’re thrilled that we’re starting to get some larger nonprofits using EasyTomato (since that was the whole point of this project).  We’ve had a few ET routers running some hospitals in Haiti for a couple months now and they’ve done well enough that two of us are going to be going to Rwanda next month to install some ET routers in the same nonprofits African hospitals.

We will talk more about who is using it and where in the coming weeks.  We’re setting up another website to show users and try to highlight why this is such an important subject for healthcare and education in the developing world.

Blocking HTTPS Websites

The way Tomato and therefore EasyTomato blocks webpages is a little cranky and won’t block HTTPS (encrypted) websites.  In the past, it didn’t matter much as few websites other than financial sites were using HTTPS.  As schools and hospitals aren’t too worried about people gobbling up their bandwidth transferring lots of money from bank account to bank account this wasn’t an issue.

A year and a half or so ago Gmail and Twitter went to HTTPS only (at least by default), which meant Tomato couldn’t block them.  Ok still not a huge deal, but as of end of November…. Facebook went HTTPS only.  This is a very big deal…

Long story short is EasyTomato needs to learn how to block HTTPS sites or its access control wont be worth squat as everyone is moving to HTTPS sites.  There are a few different ways of blocking them and we’re still sorting it out.  More to come.


Graphing is working in our nightly builds (feel free build a test image off github), but still needs so work to make the css around the graph and the bandwidth table below pretty.


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