Hello From Rwanda and ID Hack 2013!

Hello from Rwanda! Two of us are over here helping Partners in Health install EasyTomato in some of their facilities here. We’ve also done an install for the Clinton Foundation, a school with a Peace Corps volunteer, and have Save the Children and CHF International both very interested in ET routers, but unfortunately, we’re out of routers!

The feedback so far has been nothing short of amazing. Being able to limit access to distracting websites during work hours, viewing bandwidth usage, and Toastman’s QoS settings have breathed life into overcrowded, saturated Internet connections. It’s also gotten the IT folks here really excited and when their main concern after using ET is how to get enough RT-N16 routers in country, we know we’re doing something right.

What else does this Rwanda trip mean? Lots of coding! It’s been a coding retreat of sorts. The long awaited .8, which should turn into 1.0, is just really actually around the corner! (After it gets the green light from our SEALs) We’ve added a number of features (https website blocking, integrated adblocking, restoring settings between EasyTomato routers), fixed a few bugs, and moved up to Toastman’s newest version of Tomato.

We’ve also looking a bit more into the auto Squid caching as well as fully automatic QoS (click on and it goes). These are going to be awesome features, but are also going to take a fair amount of work to get right, so don’t expect to see them in this next version.

The other long promised addition to .8 is new bandwidth graphing. This weekend MIT and Harvard are putting on ID Hack 2013, which will have more than 170 hackers locked in the Microsoft NERD building for 28 hours. EasyTomato will be there, represented by three fearless volunteers, ready to turn bandwidth data into some amazing and intuitive visualizations. As it’s a hack, we’re not quite sure what will come out of it, but we’re pretty excited to see with what the hackers and three EasyTomato volunteers churn out!!

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