Hi all,

We’re launching a new website today called GrowEasyTomato to highlight some of the EasyTomato installs out there and how they’ve helped their users.

It’s a bit like Facebook, only rather than your aunt posting pictures of her cat, Mr. Jingles, it shows a few pictures of the install site, where it’s located, a brief description of who they are and why functional internet is important to them.

One of the hardest parts of the EasyTomato project isn’t technical, but rather how to best raise awareness that EasyTomato exists and can be helpful.  This is where we need the EasyTomato or greater Tomato community’s help!

If you’re using EasyTomato in a situation that showcases its utility, we’d love for you to submit it to the GrowEasyTomato submission page so we can throw it on the map.

So what are you waiting for? Have an ET router powering a school, nonprofit, small business, or clinic, we want to hear about it!!  Head over the GrowEasyTomato submission page and let us know.

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