Take control of your internet connection

EasyTomato is a simple way to control who uses your internet, how they use it, and when they use it.

Simplified network management

The easy-to-use interface was designed with non-technical users in mind and runs right in your web browser. You can see all of the computers on your network and how much bandwidth each is using, and you can quickly apply blocking rules to each computer.

Powerful blocking rules

Create scheduled blocking rules that apply to a specific device or a group of devices, with just a few quick mouse clicks.  For example, you could block streaming media sites from the computer lab during working hours, or disable all internet for unrecognized computers on your network.

Easy to set up and free

EasyTomato can be installed in under 5 minutes, runs on an $80 home router, and is FREE.  With extensive documentation and instructional videos, EasyTomato is an ideal choice for groups with small IT departments needing access control and bandwidth management.