EasyTomato 0.8 Released!

We’re really happy to announce the release of EasyTomato 0.8!!  This is a major release of EasyTomato with a number of new features.  A lot of work went into this so I’d like to thank all of the developers who spent their after hours time on both EasyTomato and the core Tomato firmware.  We know you could have been doing a lot of other things, so THANKS!

Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

  • Bandwidth Graphing – We’ve got it, finally. Checkout the Bandwidth tab and see the pretty graphs. Clicking on any of the devices listed below will superimpose their data on the total.
  • Blocking HTTPS websites – Sites like Twitter and Facebook have switched to encrypted HTTPS connections, which is good, but makes blocking hard with the traditional way Tomato blocked website.  We’ve updated the blocking to deal with HTTPS sites.
  • Direct Flashing – No more DD-WRT involved in the install!  Users can go right from the Asus Firmware to EasyTomato.  We’ve updated the install guide to reflect this.
  • Integrated Adblocking – The check box right on the groups page.  It won’t get everything and AdBlock Plus is still a better option, but this lets you reduce ads on the entire network.
  • Restore Settings to any EasyTomato router (same version only) – As we are starting to see multiple routers used by a individual organizations, we have made it so your config settings are no longer locked to a single router. They should move nicely, between routers, but only routers running the same version number of EasyTomato.
  • Numerous Bug Fixes – Bugs are always a problem, but we’ve squashed lots!  Checkout github if you want an idea of what some of them were.
  • Newest Version of Toastman – We’ve updated EasyTomato to incorporate all of the newest bug fix.

Head over to the revamped download page to grab the new version and follow the upgrade guide, if needed.

Support EasyTomato

Don’t forget that if you use Amazon.com, you can support EasyTomato by clicking our affiliates link before shopping on Amazon. It costs you nothing, takes 3 seconds of your time, and gives us about 6% of your purchase.



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